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Filtertrak® managed filter maintenance assure maximum value and performance from your foodservice filters.

Filtertrak® ensures that your filters are optimally and economically maintained. Optipure® filter systems for commercial foodservice applications deliver the highest performance and best value in the foodservice industry. Adding FilterTrak® to your Optipure® system maximizes the performance and value of your system and prevents costly emergency service of your equipment by ensuring that your equipment is always reliably protected.
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Fully managed – we take care of everything, so you don’t have to!

  • Systems optimized for each application.
  • Fully managed filter changes. (Self-service automatic filter replenishment also available).
  • Complete, worry-free equipment protection.
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High Capacity Optipure® systems mean the fewest possible touches.

  • High Capacity Filters perform 2-3 times longer than competitive filters.
  • Longer service life means fewer filter changes.
  • Fewer filter changes mean lower operating and service costs.
  • Green Filter Design. Fewer filter changes means less waste and less resources consumed.
  • The OptiPure® FX series uses the absolute minimum resources for maximum environmental responsibility.
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Performance-optimized Optipure® foodservice filter systems provide optimum quality water for every application.

  • Designed for the real-world, OptiPure® foodservice filters out-perform the competition.
  • OptiPure® foodservice filtration systems provide the ideal quality water for coffee, tea, espresso, ice, steam, fountain beverages, drinking water and ingredient water.