Procam Controls Inc.

Procam Controls Inc. combines established and emerging technologies with unique expertise to provide a wide range of services and products for its customers. We specialize in partnering with our customers to understand their specific application and effectively and efficiently meet project requirements.

Other Technologies

ProAir Source Capture Air Cleaner for:
  • Film Processors
  • Off-line Coating Equipment
  • Wide Format Digital Printers
Instrument Manufacturing Technologies:
  • simpleSDI Automtic Silt Density Index test instrument
Fully managed filter maintenance program
  • FilterTrak

  • ProAir Air Clear reduces ozone and odors caused by chemical processes directly from the source.

  • SimpleSDI:auto - Portable instrument automatically measures and calculates the SDI (silt density index) of process feedwater.

  • Safely dissolves and removes mineral scale build-up. Non-Toxic, Environmentally Safe & Biodegradable.

  • Opti-TDS Tester - Pocket Total Dissolved Solids meter, 0-9990 ppm with Auto OFF.

  • Coming Soon - Technology to reduce bio-growth in ice makers.

Specialty Manufacturing

Procam Controls, Inc. also excels in meeting requirements in niche markets with specialized applications by providing products that solve environmental, productivity and/or quality issues.
Procam Controls, Inc. is a preferred vendor of many large OEMs. Our customers include: DuPont, Agfa Gevaert, Picker International, Glunz & Jensen, Konica Minolta, Ice-O-Matic, Hoshizaki, Kodak, Printers’ Service, Brinker International, FloClear LLC, Amerec, Alto-Shaam as well as over 300 dealers and distributors.
  • Our customers include, Brinker International

  • Our customers include: Dupont

  • Our customers include, Konica-Minolta

  • Our customers include, KODAK