Procam Controls Inc.

Procam Controls Inc. combines established and emerging technologies with unique expertise to provide a wide range of services and products for its customers. We specialize in partnering with our customers to understand their specific application and effectively and efficiently meet project requirements.

Water and Chemical Management Technologies

PropH Automated pH Neutralization Systems for:
WaterMizer Wash Water Recirculation Systems for:
  • CtP Plate Processors
  • Film Processors
Fount-N-Kleer®Fountain Solution Recycling Systems for:
  • Printing Press Dampening Systems
CtP-Kleen2 Computer-To-Plate Chemistry Filtration Systems for:
  • CtP processors
AquaSep FX Developer Filtration System for:
  • Aqueous Flexo Plate Wash-Off Processors

FilterXpress® Water & Chemical Replacement Filter Cartridges
  • PolyTrix™ Melt-Blown Filters
  • ZetaTrix™ Electropositive Charged Filters
  • ZeoTrix™ Multi-Media Filters
Procam Water Control Panels for:
  • Film & Plate Processors
ProMix® Chemical Mixers
  • Automated mixing of dry chemistry with water
AlgaeClear® Bio-Growth Control Systems
Sanitice™ Bio-Growth Control Products
  • Coming Soon: bio-growth control systems for commercial Ice Machines.

  • ZeoTrix cartridges are high-capacity, high-efficiency adsorption cartridges.

  • ProMix efficiently and thoroughly mixes powdered concentrates with water automatically.

  • Recycle and reuse water based cleaning solution by separating out the contaminates with AquaSep.

  • PolyTrix sediment filters have exceptional dirt holding capacity and high efficiency. Made in the USA.

  • ZetaTrix Plus - electropositive-charged depth media with exceptional contaminant loading capacity combined with adsorptive capabilities.

Specialty Manufacturing

Procam Controls, Inc. also excels in meeting requirements in niche markets with specialized applications by providing products that solve environmental, productivity and/or quality issues.
Procam Controls, Inc. is a preferred vendor of many large OEMs. Our customers include: DuPont, Agfa Gevaert, Picker International, Glunz & Jensen, Konica Minolta, Ice-O-Matic, Hoshizaki, Kodak, Printers’ Service, Brinker International, FloClear LLC, Amerec, Alto-Shaam, as well as over 300 dealers and distributors.
  • Our customers include, Brinker International

  • Our customers include: Dupont

  • Our customers include, Konica-Minolta

  • Our customers include, KODAK